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web design and development


barbara woodbury, web designer

Barbara Woodbury
web design and development

I came to web design over 16 years ago when I wanted to get the right look and feel for the web presence of my family's sustainable shellfish aquaculture business. With a background in business and science and long interest in painting and drawing, I got hooked on the art and tech of web design and the joy of creating a unique web experience for my clients. 






There are so many ways to use a website to connect to an audience and express your ideas.  I find that figuring out what works is a very personal choice.  When I begin a project, I try to understand my clients needs and their objectives and then develop a design idea and feel for their website. I am always invigorated and inspired by the work my clients do and I try to make their enthusiasm, depth of experience and expertise shine through. Working together generates new ideas, clarity and focus. The great thing is that web design is very adaptable and there's lots of room for a creative approach.


The word on whosewoods design...


Standing ovation to Whosewoods Design for making my web presence a reality!

Barbara’s talents as a visual artist and practical scientist combined to make Whosewoods Design an extraordinary website creation experience. Using her aesthetic sensibilities, computer mastery and remarkable patience, she helped me figure out both what I wanted my website to communicate and how I wanted my communication presented. She continues to advise me, while giving me the tools I need and the confidence to keep my website updated. With the infinite choices of colors, designs, font sizes, images, links, and all the rest that goes into creating a website, Barbara had the amazing ability to help narrow those choices into a cohesive whole to help me present my playwriting self.

Candace Perry, playwright

Wow! Barbara just designed a 2nd website for me

I am a critical, semi-perfectionist printmaker. I came to her with discs, slides, a flash drive and original prints. She used the best, and re-photographed many to get the truest image on screen. Endless cheerful patience! She knew just how to organize and present complicated material in a beautiful way. I am more than thrilled with the elegant look she created (out of chaos).

... Joan

Many thanks to "whosewoods design", our web designer

As we prepare to hit the big red button to launch our new website,, a big "thank you!" is in order to Barbara Woodbury at for her wonderful support and patience. She literally provided a turn-key service which allowed me to focus on what I do best, being a handyman, instead of taking time from my business to learn the web design process from the ground up. She also created our logo which has just the "right feel" I wanted for our company. After creating the site, she held the reins until I was ready to assume full control. If you need someone to help get your website off the launch pad, please reach out to Barbara.

Thank you, Barbara! ...the Harried Happy Homeowner

Barbara helped me redesign my old website.

She listened to what I wanted and provided helpful recommendations and had great ideas to improve the appearance and function. She responded quickly and got the work done promptly. Her availability for follow-up questions has been terrific. I highly recommend her.

Sally Bjorklund
Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Seattle, Washington